Advantages for guardians

In the interests of efficiency and professional ethics, telemedicine must develop within real territorial projects. These projects have legitimacy to be borne by the guardians.

Telemedicine is fully involved in the integration and facilitation of regional health networks. Each project initiated locally is likely to bring together multiple advantages:

- Maintain quality patient service
- Ensure permanence and security of care.
- Break the isolation of medical teams, institutions, some landlocked territories or experiencing unfavorable medical demographics.
- Guarantee levels of activity in line with investments made and respect for financial equilibrium.
- A functioning respectful of the solidarities confraternelles, facilitating the collaborations public / private.
- A service at fair cost, with a distribution of fees proportional to the number of acts performed.
- Quality control and promotion of good practices, attested and provided on request.
- An independent and sustainable structure, which has proved its worth since 2008.