Benefits for institutions

Putting in place a continuum of care, in all the specialties and whatever the hazards faced by the teams (holidays, absences, diseases ...) represents the greatest difficulty for the healthcare establishments. Telemedicine makes it possible to overcome a large number of situations.

Temporarily or structurally, for a specialty or several services, it may be possible to resort to telemedicine. These projects are strongly encouraged by the health authorities.

More than 60 healthcare facilities, including 50 hospitals, have already chosen the TeleDiag network. Its advantages are decisive:

- Local service
To maintain a quality local service for patients by promoting and promoting local employment (medical and non-medical)
- Lesser Isolation
Breaking down isolation by working with a network of solidarity, qualitative and nominative, and with a specific correspondent who undertakes
- Flexible management of agendas
Facilitating replacements and managing the unforeseen more easily
- Optimization of medical time
Optimize physician attendance time by focusing on the most dependent actions of an immediate clinical examination
- Financial Balances
Maintain a level of activity conducive to the respect of financial balances
- Attractiveness of Open Positions
Creating attractiveness for positions by reducing excessively restrictive vacations
- Specialties
The service is organized by both medical specialties and organ specialties
- A la carte
Flexibility (no volume or minimum duration) of a support solution to the card, adjustable according to changing needs
- Simplicity and efficiency
Ease and speed of implementation and handling of the system
- Commitments
Compliance with commitments and deadlines
- Billing to the act
Fair billing for everyone
- No IT investment
The service does not require any prior IT investment
- Quality controlled
Up to 10% of exams are reviewed by our referents for monitoring and evaluation purposes