Benefits for patients

Designed as a tailor-made response to the organizational problems encountered by healthcare institutions, telemedicine guarantees the best care of patients, wherever and whenever a diagnosis is required.

Telemedicine is particularly well suited to emergencies which can not, for essentially organizational reasons, find the most qualitative response possible within optimal timeframes. It also responds to situations of prolonged waiting encountered in "medical deserts".

The relevance of the diagnosis delivered to the institutions is guaranteed by the sharing of information between health professionals.

For institutions, access to the TeleDiag service is the insurance :
- Reception 24h / 24h and 365d / 365d
Securing patient reception 24h / 24h and 365 days / 365 days, including in institutions in the most remote areas

- Best medical practices
Access to best practices in diagnosis, prescription, specialized advice, medical surveillance.

- Organ Specialties
Access to organ specialization when taking into account and diagnosing the most rare / complex conditions

- Nominal diagnosis
The interpretations are rendered nominatively by the specialist doctors who commit themselves on their behalf (see list of our members in the dedicated space on this site)

- Reporting deadlines
The return of the reports is provided within the contractual deadlines agreed with each health care facility.

- Direct contact with the prescriber
Direct contact is possible with the prescribing physician in order to allow the exchange on the medical information related to the care of the patient.

- Appointment shortened
One of the key benefits of our service is the reduction in take-over times.