Doctors benefits

Participating in the telemedicine service proposed by TeleDiag means opening up to the medical practices of the future made possible by digital technologies, while securing and improving its medical practices.

Joining TeleDiag means contributing to a service where the medical project prevails, for the benefit of patients.

Our proposed ancillary services (training, benchmarking, access to an open network of specialists, transparency ...) participate in the exchanges within the profession necessary to improve practices.

10 Reasons to join the network:

- Open network of doctors (public / private)

- Identical status for each member

- Fraternal solidarity and principles of progressivity

- Pooling of resources

- Complementary to daily activities - Equitable distribution of fees and proportional results 

- Independent and perennial structure 

- Organ specialty (everyone feels comfortable in what he does and can solicit his colleagues) 

- Quality control and promotion of Good practices (homogenization of protocols and reports) 

- Personal and flexible operating procedures