The medical project at the heart of the organization

TeleDiag is the first French network of open and cooperative teleradiology managed by doctors. It meets the needs of institutions and public health issues, in the interest of patients.

TeleDiag is the new telemedicine service founded in March 2017, based on the whole experience of TeleConsult France. Created in 2008 on the initiative of several French physicians, hospitals and liberals, the teleconsulting network Teleconsult France quickly established itself as a pioneer, both in its values ​​and in its functioning.

Since its creation in March 2017, TeleDiag has thus brought together a community of more than 520 French radiologists, organized by organ specialty and delivering diagnostics to more than 220 establishments. All are listed on the TeleDiag website.

This pioneering service now aims to open up to other specialties - XXXX (in order of priorities) - while keeping the key principles that governed its deployment, ie first and foremost Projects designed by and for physicians, for the benefit of patients.

For each specialty, TeleDiag will therefore retain the following instances of success in teleradiology:
- A governance and ethics committee, guarantor of the functioning, quality approach, good practices and ethics of the service, composed of recognized practitioners and chaired by an authoritative personality in the field of specialty.
- Functioning based on the recommendations of the French companies, professional unions and college of teachers of each specialty.