A structure of dedicated means

TeleDiag, which took over from TeleConsult France, which was created in 2008, has received the following mandates:

- Organize the regulatory and legislative watch
- Set up a simple, user-oriented telemedicine solution for doctors that does not require any IT investment for schools
- Create the ethics bodies in charge of the monitoring of activities and the operation of the service
- Define the operating principles of a network based on a qualitative, collaborative, equitable approach
- Animate, support the network and the community of practitioners
- Organize quality control and restitution of the benchmark
- Ensure the technical permanence 24/24 and 365/365
- Pooling technical and human resources.

After a successful deployment across France, TeleDiag plans to open the telemedicine network to several specialties in the French-speaking world.

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A structure of dedicated means