Our services

In a context of increasing scarcity of medical resources, telemedicine offers itself as an alternative and complementary response to existing resources. It helps to better deal with emergencies, to ensure better medical follow-up, to guarantee access to quality medicine to collect prescriptions, specialized advice, etc.

Whether you are a doctor, a service manager, a facility manager, a representative of the guardianship organizations, our telemedicine services concern you. They are part of an ethical and qualitative vision of the use of new technologies, placed at the service of the medical community.

In particular, our functioning as a cooperative network makes it possible to optimize the response, whatever your needs, with:

- Securing patient reception 24h / 24h and 365 days / 365 days, including in institutions in the most remote areas
- An already operational solution, requiring no initial IT investment (use of existing infrastructures)
- A response to the card, without commitment of volume or duration, allowing a progressive and controlled commitment,
- A privileged place reserved for local actors, in a logic of opening-up. They retain control of their territory by soliciting shared services only when necessary,
- The transparency of the economic model,
- Continuous technical assistance
- Assistance in the management of resources in the regular operation of the service,
- Continuous improvement in quality,
- A perpetuation, anchoring practices in the framework of a regular exercise of medicine

Our services