The medical committee and quality control

The TeleDiag network is a self-organized network of radiologists who have sought to combine their efforts and means to provide a qualitative interpretive solution for remote institutions and their patients.

Radiologists exercise in their names, territory by territory (and organ specialty), in a coordinated way.

Collective commitments are made to establishments (and their patients) within the framework of agreements that potentially involve all members (principles of cooperation, solidarity and fellowship between members and with respect to the institutions and of their

The founding radiologists of the network wished to have a Medical Committee of Governance and Ethics (CMGE) to ensure the mastery of this project. It is currently composed of a President, an Honorary President and 15 radiologist doctors representing the various components of the network (statutes, territories, bodies):
• Organ referents (9),
• Regional correspondents (6).

To date, the composition of the Committee is as follows :
President: Marc Zins
Honorary President: Gérard Morvan
Members :
Président : Marc Zins 
Président d'honneur : Gérard Morvan
Membres :
Nicolas Sans
Sophie Taieb 
Philippe Douek
François Cotton 
Gilbert Ferretti 
Jean-Pierre Tasu
Julien Savatovsky 
Yann Billaud 
Christian Privat
Rémy Guillon 
Arnaud Boulinguez 
Olivier Allice
Philippe Meyer 
Patrick Wilshire 
Julien Borne

The composition (number and members) can be revised each year on proposal and co-optation by its members themselves.

The role of the CMGE is multiple:
• Guarantee the quality and respect of the ethics (defined by the National Order of Physicians) of the services delivered,
• Ensure the overall consistency of the practice,
• Validate the expansion of the network (co-optation),
• Define the general rules of the activity, developments that may be the subject of new contracts and the practical conditions of the exercise,
• Sign tripartite service agreements (Etablissements, Médecins and TeleDiag SAS) on behalf of the community (collective commitments),
• Ensure the quality control of the interpretations (double random reading under the responsibility of the organ referents) according to the objectives and the evaluation grid in force of our PAQ (Quality Assurance Plan)
• Engage in brotherly mediation in case of dispute and / or conflict,
• As a last resort, the possibility of revocation of a member (in the event of gross and indisputable fault) ... This exceptional procedure must respect the right of the physician to plead his case; it therefore provides at least a preliminary information and then an exchange time with the CMGE. In the event of notification, no notice is applicable.

Proceedings in the event of an intention to revoke a Member by the CMGE:
• Temporary suspension of the activities entrusted,
• Prior notice (at least 15 days in advance),
• Conciliation meeting with the CMGE,
• Final notification of the CMGE decision with immediate effect.

The medical committee and quality control