Functioning and Founding Principles

TeleDiag is the only Francophone telemedicine network organized according to these principles:

- Physicians involved in telemedicine
The TeleDiag network is the result of a project initiated by recognized French physicians (hospitals and liberals), favoring a cooperative, qualitative and equitable approach to telemedicine, in the interests of patients.

- An open and cooperative network
The operation is based on a broader collaboration within the French medical community, which mobilizes territory by territory. The activity of telemedicine is carried by the doctors of each specialty in their situation of regular exercise.

- A locally responsible service
Everyone within the network organizes locally the practical conditions for the deployment of telemedicine services and resource mobilization, while benefiting and participating in a global support, and pooling resources. This approach is intended to complement traditional forms of exercise.

- One organization per specialty
In the field of radiology, for example, radiologists are divided into nine organ specialties (including one emergency specialty) and per territory. They accept the principle of quality control by a committee of governance and ethics guaranteeing the collective commitments made with respect to the institutions and their patients.

- A proven and voluntary quality approach
TeleDiag services are executed and delivered in accordance with the legal and ethical framework applicable in each State and in the interests of patients by physicians duly authorized to practice.
Quality is at the heart of the TeleDiag project, from the reception of doctors to the evaluation of the service provided to patients and sites. The evaluation is based on a double randomized diagnosis check and a specially designed monitoring tool made available to clients. This system was set up by the Medical Committee on Governance and Ethics. It contributes to the continuous improvement of the service, which continues today by standardizing the format of medical reports aiming to harmonize the service at all points of the territory.

- The advantages of pooling and feedback
The solution developed by TeleDiag, designed by doctors, is geared towards use and professionalism, and emphasizes efficiency and simplicity in the service of establishments, law firms and practitioners:
1. Possible initialization of the service under reduced deadlines
2. Absence of initial investment: we simply use the existing Internet connection of the establishment by securing it. No computers to deploy
3. No obligation of volume or duration: you use our services "à la carte" according to your needs. We come in complement, as an adjustment variable without opposition to other solutions.
4. Presence of a proximity correspondent
5. Reduced monthly rent
6. Economic model for use, fair and preserving the constraints of institutions
7. Interpretation under contractual time limits
8. Interpretation by Organ Specialty (MRI, Scanner and Conventional Radio)
9. Participation in continuing care
10. Training and support
11. Open network allowing the reception of specialist doctors while reconciling the valorisation and promotion of hospital jobs (complementary activities, supplementary income, redefinition of posts, relief of PDS constraints, etc.)