Quality approach

Our quality approach is illustrated at all stages, from the recruitment of specialist physicians to the evaluation of the service rendered. This voluntary approach covers all the medical components of the project (medical, technical, logistic ...).

Telediag is organized in concrete terms to provide:
- Run-of-river diagnostics for emergency services (less than 1 hour, time required for loading and diagnosis)
- Under 6h, 12h or 24h for other requests (80% in less than 6h, 95% in less than 12h, 100% in less than 24h).
- For participation in both on-call duty and non-emergency activities, a doctor on duty per specialty is available at any time. In the context of emergency activities and for optimal security, an alternate is always appointed in addition to the custodian.

An overall evaluation is carried out after the first three months of service. It makes it possible to appreciate:
- The intrinsic quality of diagnostics
- Compliance with deadlines (urgent and non-urgent) and commitments (availability and accessibility)
- Reliability and efficiency of the technical device
- Generalization conditions and improvements to be made.

The evaluation is carried out in particular through a specially designed reporting and statistics tool and a random double-check of the diagnoses. A personalized follow-up file is then given to each institution using our services.

At a minimum, a quarterly follow-up meeting is organized, and intermediate meetings can be defined as required.